"The details make all the difference. These characteristics distinguish the guitars of Noemi and accentuate the sound and the comfort". Alberto Ziliotto
"Noemi's guitars are really very interesting. The appealing shapes are finished artistically and trimmed with wood. Her instruments have a balanced and deep sound with personality that differentiates them from other guitars: A beautiful choice for discerning artists". Luca Francioso
"Noemi Guitars are tonally rich, aesthetically unique and very fun to play. My favorite (so far) is the mini dreadnought because of its volume, dynamic presence, percussive nature and easy of playability. Noemi is a talented and auspicious luthier and I cannot wait to see what she comes up with next!". Marcus Eaton
"What I expect from musical instrument, it is the perfect tuning, the lightness, portability and of course the warm sound it delivers: NOEMI'S GUITARS...". Solo Razafindrakoto

Noemi Guitars di Noemi Schembri  |  Via Toniolo, 8  |  31058 Susegana (TV)  |  ITALIA   -  VAT N. 04789890268