Guitars listed below are just starting
points for building your guitar!


Slightly smaller body than the standard, it stands out from the others for its “modern” sound.

With modified lattice bracing and worked differently depending on whether the soundboard is in spruce or cedar, the sound is balanced, with rich and persistent basses and clear and ringing trebles.

The radiused fingerboard which facilitates the left hand, the sculpted neck to comfortably accommodate the thumb, the rounded edges of the body and a balanced weight between body and neck will make the hours of study pleasant and satisfying.

Scale Length: 25.6” – 65cm
Upper Bout Width: 10.98” – 27,9cm
Lower Bout Width: 14.1” – 35,8cm
Body Length: 18.9” – 48cm
Body Depth: 4” – 10,16cm

N-CR (Crossover)

The latest addition to the Noemi Guitars family.

This Nylon Crossover fully satisfies the very concept of the word “crossover”. I designed it taking into account the needs of the steel string players who wants to explore the nylon world and with it the jazz universe.

It comes as standard with a Venetian cutaway, 14 fret body joint, a 650mm diapason as per the classical tradition and a fingerboard extension up to 21 frets for 1st and 2nd string. Very comfortable to hold thanks to the soft curves of the body combined with a modified C-shaped neck and an easy 48mm nut. The shape of the headstock is the same as the classic model, but with steel string contaminations: the inlaid N!

Like my classical guitar, the N-CR also has a sound that I define as “modern”, with rich and persistent bass that acts as a “sound carpet” for the melodies of the medium and high registers. Very reactive and responsive even to the lightest touch, giving its best when using high tension strings.

Scale Length: 25.6” – 65cm
Upper Bout Width: 10” – 25,4cm
Lower Bout Width: 15” – 38,1cm
Body Length: 18.82” – 47,8cm
Body Depth: 3.94” – 10cm

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