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This model takes inspiration from the one who, in 1984, invented the “Wedge”: Linda Manzer. “A tapering of the guitar body that makes the instrument more comfortable to play and does not change its tone.”

Characteristic of this model is the definition and separation of the individual notes which remains even in strumming mode. An elegant sound, with clean and silky trebles, with present and non-invasive bass: ideal for those who play finger style and want to hear every single note or want to have fun with a drop D tuning.

The “Wedge” processing is applicable on all large models and I highly recommend it to anyone who experiences arm discomfort while playing.

Scale Length: 25.4” – 64,5cm
Upper Bout Width: 11.25” – 28,5cm
Lower Bout Width: 15.75” – 40cm
Body Length: 19.6” – 49,8cm
Body Depth: 4.13” – 10,5cm and 4.53″ – 11,5cm


One of the best known and most appreciated models, with small dimensions and extreme versatility that embraces fingerstyle, flatpicked bluegrass and songwriting accompaniment, always maintaining its expressiveness both with standard and DADGAD tuning. If you need to have a single guitar that allows you to explore multiple styles, this OM is definitely the right choice!

Well balanced and reactive, with more generous bass than The Wedge, it has a wide dynamic range and responds well to light touch playing as well as more aggressive attack.

Scale Length: 25.4” – 64,5cm
Upper Bout Width: 11.38” – 28,9cm
Lower Bout Width: 15.16” – 38,5cm
Body Length: 19.37” – 49,2cm
Body Depth: 4.25” – 10,8cm


Despite the name, this model is anything but small! With 16 ¼” lower bout and 4 10/16” body depth at the tail is the largest of my models. With this guitar you will capture the attention of the couple sitting at the back, who will put down their beer and listen to you until the end!

Loud, bright and with great projection while still keeping the sound clean. The Small Jumbo is perfect for strumming and, thanks to the high reactivity and the trebles present, it also works great with Bluegrass solos or DADGAD ballads. In short, a real bomb!

 “Impressive guitar with lots of character and a unique quality that is pleasing and responsive”
Al Petteway

Scale Length: 25.4” – 64,5cm
Upper Bout Width: 11.44” – 29cm
Lower Bout Width: 16.25” – 41,3cm
Body Length: 19.69” – 50cm
Body Depth: 4.625” – 11,75cm


The smallest model, even of the classic one, this Parlor will amaze you with its rich, full and defined sound, going against the laws of physics! With a 13.5″ lower bout, a 25.4″ scale length and 12 fret tot eh body, it pairs perfectly with blues rhythms and fingerpicking. The modified soundhole and increased body depth make it perfect for those looking for an intimate instrument, very responsive, with a larger sound and great sustain.

Scale Length: 25.4” – 64,5cm
Upper Bout Width: 9.76” – 24,8cm
Lower Bout Width: 13.6” – 34,5cm
Body Length: 19.13” – 48,5cm
Body Depth: 4.33” – 11cm


Born between USA and Italy – the result of a collaboration with Rick Davis in 2015 during my time in Seattle, WA – this 27.5” scale length baritone with a rich and balanced voice is very smooth and easy to play. Versatile on different tunings and with an original aesthetic thanks to the oval sound hole.

“It’s really fun to play and the unusual shape of the sound hole sets it apart from the crowd”
Al Petteway

Scale Length: 27.5” – 69,85cm
Upper Bout Width: 11.625” – 29,53cm
Lower Bout Width: 15.69” – 39,85cm
Body Length: 20.19” – 51,28cm
Body Depth: 4.625” – 11,75cm

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